Repair Prices

Ring sizing starts at $40 and varies depending on the type of metal and whether it’s being sized up or down and by how much metal that might have to be added.  Soldering a break in a chain or ring starts at $20 and might increase depending on the broken item and the type of metal.  In some cases, fragile metal or stones prevent us from using conventional torch soldering and we then use our state-of-the-art laser.  When we encounter items that need prong work, we really must se the item to evaluate the best course of action.  It could be as simple retipping prongs…$25 for the first one and $10 for each additional.  If the entire prong has to be replaced… $45., or,  in some cases when the entire setting (head) is worn out, it would cost $125 to totally replace a 14k gold  head and reset the diamond.

In any case, it’s best if you bring in your item and we inspect every detail.  We then give you a choice of options to repair it. 
Repair Prices


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