Our Custom Process

Spencer & Kuehn Fine Jewelry Studio helps you create your own unique heirloom.  We help you profess your love or showcase your personality in a way no one has before. At Spencer & Kuehn you can embrace what’s unique in you and turn that into a spectacular one-of-a-kind work of art: jewelry no one has ever worn before.  Our jewelry at Spencer & Kuehn is unique because you are.

Our customers come to us with an idea.  They need a pendant, an engagement ring, a lapel pin with a frog on it.  Over the years there have been thousands of ideas and each customer thinks theirs is the craziest.  We love crazy….It’s fun to create unique pieces.  We are also asked to create a common every day piece of jewelry.  In those cases, we try to make them better than the ones you see in the magazine ads. 

We use two different techniques to create a custom piece of fine jewelry.  Both start with a drawing or rendering.  We, as designers, work together with the customer to create a detailed rendering.  Along with the rendering we record stone sizes, finger sizes and any other details that are necessary to the process.  At that point there are two ways to create this item:

  • Hand Fabrication – in this case we melt a strip of gold, for example, and form it into a pendant…or a ring. We take other pieces of gold or silver or platinum and hand form them into the various parts and then we set any stones. The piece is then finished and ready to wear.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) – A computer program allows you to make a 3D image of the rendering of your item. Once we’re satisfied with the computer image, it is made into plastic using a 3D printer. The plastic is used to make a mold and then it is cast into gold or platinum. Stones, if any, are set and the item is finished and ready to wear.

In each of these processes, the customer is kept in the loop. The customer must first OK the rendering. In the CAD process, the customer must also OK the CAD image and later the plastic mold.

Our Custom Process


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