How Diamonds Work

We carry a very large assortment of mele diamonds (smaller than .05 ct for replacing missing stones) and a very small assortment of engagement ring diamonds.  The reason we don’t carry a large assortment of larger diamonds is that we would rarely have the diamond you want in stock.  The best way to choose a diamond is not by picking out of what a jeweler happens to have in stock.  The best way to choose a diamond is, with our help, you determine the shape, size and quality that would best fit your mounting idea and your pocketbook.  Once we determine that, we call several of our dealers and we will have two or three stones in that category for you to see… no obligation. With that method, you see what you’re getting before you buy it, and you are only choosing from exactly the quality you specify.

Colored stones work similarly to diamonds.  Once we narrow down what we’re looking for, we get some in from which you can choose.

how diamonds work


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